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Fun Manipulatives for Hands On Math

We all know that math can be a pretty boring subject. We can all remember doing page after page of math problems to learn a new skill. However, in order for your child to fully understand the math they are learning, we need to make math both fun and interesting. One easy way to make math fun, especially for younger children, is to use

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Number Sense: Deconstructing Numbers

There are many things involved in developing number sense such as learning about place value, number word, and comparing numbers.  Another aspect of number sense is deconstructing numbers. Deconstructing numbers means being able to see a number in terms of other numbers that can be put together to form that number.  There are several ways to practice this concept. Base 10 Frames A base

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Mastering Place Value – Number Sense

Children of all ages need to develop a quality known as number sense.  Number sense involves understanding how numbers relate to each other.  One important aspect of number sense is mastering place value. Place Value Defined Place value is breaking down each digit in a number into its true value.  For example, the number 273 has a 2 in the hundreds place, a 7

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Number Representation and Place Value with Candy Corn

Candy corn is also provides inspiration for children to be able to represent numbers. By creating candy corn using orange, white, and yellow construction paper (or a printable) you can create an art project that then ties into math. Number Representation Activities One activity you could do is a matching activity where in the white portion, you write the number in standard form, in

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Practicing Place Value at Home

Learning place value is an important concept in math that helps your child be able to read and recognize numbers.  Without place value it would be very difficult to communicate numbers or values.  This is even more important when discussing money values and providing change for a purchase.  Brain Pop has a great article geared for parents on how to practice with their children

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