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Rounding with Decimals Activities

This post will conclude our series on rounding and estimation by providing more activities to do with rounding while also including rounding with decimals. Rounding Activities A simple deck of cards (removing the face cards and aces having a value of 1) is great for practicing rounding to 10.  Have your child flip over 2 or more cards and then add them together.  Based

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Money and Temperature Estimation Skills

In the previous posts within this series, you learned about various activities to help practice various estimation skills.  Money values and temperatures are real-life examples of when we use rounding and are important skills for children to learn.  When estimating money, they can predict how much something with cost or how much everything will cost in all.  For temperature, they can estimate to the

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Estimation and Rounding Hands-on Activities

In this series on estimation and rounding, you will learn about methods to teach your children about how to estimate and round through hands-on activities.  These are important skills to learn, that as adults, we use in our everyday lives.  It is also a recurring topic that is covered in almost every grade level of math from first grade through high school. Learning to

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Rounding Numbers – Review Strategies

One of the strategies emphasized in elementary math classes is the ability to round numbers.  In rounding, numbers are changed to a number that is either larger or smaller depending on which it is closer too.  Because rounding numbers can seem abstract (especially as the numbers get larger), it can be a difficult task for students to master. There are several ways to teach

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Grocery Store Math

Grocery Store Math Of all the things your child hates to do, going to the grocery store probably tops their list.  Shopping can be a boring experience for a child, but it can also be a good time to introduce your child to some real life math problems for children of any age. Number Recognition There are numbers everywhere in a grocery store. Point

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The Importance of Learning to Round

Learning how to round to the nearest number is a math skill that is typically introduced in the 3rd grade.  This is an important life skill that helps children to be able to master estimation.  Since this skill is used widely in our every day lives for estimating expenses and determining a budget, it is definitely a skill that you can reinforce at home.

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