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Football Statistics – Math in Sports

Team sports are a great way to use math in a real life situation.  Kids often see math as an unnecessary evil.  It can be helpful to show them that math is used by many people in many professions.  One way that math is used in sports is to figure out player and team statistics.  So far, we have discussed finding soccer, baseball, and

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Simplifying Statistics – Mean

Simplifying Statistics In this series on statistics you will learn about various strategies to implement at home to help your child to master the skills of calculating the mean, median, mode, and range of a set of numbers. Mean The mean is when you add up all of the numbers in the set and then divide by how many numbers you added together.  This

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Basketball Statistics – Math in Sports

Math in Sports: Basketball Statistics Math can be found in every area of life including sports.  Children will enjoy using math to find their own statistics for the sports they play. Basketball is a popular winter sport for children of all ages. Finding common basketball statistics for themselves and their teammates is a fun way to reinforce math concepts. Total Points Per Game Children

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Baseball Statistics – Math in Sports

Baseball Statistics Team sports are fun and exciting for many children.  However, they can also be used to review math concepts that children tend to struggle with.  Our last post in this series talked about how soccer statistics use math.  Baseball is another sport filled with statistics.  Children who play baseball will enjoy coming home and finding out for themselves their own baseball statistics

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Soccer Statistics – Math in Sports

Math in Sports: Soccer Statistics Nowadays a great number of students play on some type of organized sports team.  While playing on a soccer team can improve a child’s teamwork and coordination, it can also be an opportunity to practice some math skills.  Having a child track either their own soccer statistics or their team’s soccer statistics can help them learn some real life

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