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Keeping Math Fresh This Summer

Teachers and parents alike will tell you that students are forgetful.  And many times, they forget some of what they have learned during the school year over the summer months.  You can keep math fresh in your child’s mind with some fun and easy methods. Download Math Apps Children are more than likely going to spend at least some time every week using a

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Summer Projects for Math Review

One good way to keep your children using their math skills all summer long is though project-based learning.  In simple terms, project-based learning is practicing math, writing, or reading concepts through a project of some kind.  Fun projects are a great summertime math review. Plan a Family Picnic While this may seems simple, it actually can require some math review.  Give your child a

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Math Field Trips for Summer

Math Field Trips for Summer Fields trips are the most looked forward to days of any school year.  Kids and teachers alike get excited by the thought of spending the day outside of the classroom.  It doesn’t even matter where the field trip is as long as they are not in school!  Just because summer has started doesn’t mean the field trips have to

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