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Fun Geometry Games

Learning geometry is usually fun for children.  They enjoy playing with shape blocks and using mirrors to learn about symmetry.  However, you may not have access to lots and lots of hands on materials to use with your children.  The good news is that you can find websites that act just like those same manipulatives to give your children the same experience. Geoboard A

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Practicing Fraction Skills through the Use of Technology (Post 4 of 4)

Fractions can be made fun by incorporating the use of technology at home to provide both a learning platform as well as a way to reinforce skills that you child may be learning at school.  The internet and tablet-based apps have a wide variety of learning games that can help to build confidence with building fractions. Practicing fraction skills through the use of technology can

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Keeping Math Fresh This Summer

Teachers and parents alike will tell you that students are forgetful.  And many times, they forget some of what they have learned during the school year over the summer months.  You can keep math fresh in your child’s mind with some fun and easy methods. Download Math Apps Children are more than likely going to spend at least some time every week using a

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