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Money and Temperature Estimation Skills

In the previous posts within this series, you learned about various activities to help practice various estimation skills.  Money values and temperatures are real-life examples of when we use rounding and are important skills for children to learn.  When estimating money, they can predict how much something with cost or how much everything will cost in all.  For temperature, they can estimate to the

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Snow Melt, Flooding, and Math Connections

With the popularity of Olaf , the snowman from the movie Frozen, as well as the record breaking snowfall this winter, the topic of snow melting has become a very popular topic in the last few weeks.  As spring is heading upon us and the snow is being to melt, many states around the country will be faced with a new threat of flooding. 

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Teaching Temperature Tips

With the temperatures plummeting across the nation, including even where I live in South Florida, it has been a hot topic in schools and a great teachable moment.  Teaching children about temperatures incorporates both math and science skills.  Younger children may learn about temperature in general terms including hot, cold, and warm, where with older children they could learn freezing and boiling points as

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