Teaching Fractions through Measurement (Post 3 of 4)

Learning about fractions can be made fun by incorporating hands on activities that involve measurement and fractions.  The first idea in teaching fractions through measurements that comes to mind is baking.  When baking with your children, you can use the measuring cups to practice their fraction skills about what ingredients have to be mixed together in the bowl.  You can also cover the concept of doubling a recipe and then practicing multiplication of fractions.  Another activity idea would to be use flour to show them the measurement of a cup, 2 ½ cups, and 4 ¼ cups using a variety of different cups for the measurement to show they are ultimately equivalent. For example, use 2 half cups or 4 quarter cups to show that both equal  the same one cup amount.

A different type of measurement activity that teaches about fractions would be to have your child look at a ruler.  You can use both the inches and the centimeters to show fractions of an inch or fractions of a centimeter.  This website, Home School Math, has enlarged rulers and several activities that involve fraction recognition on a ruler, measuring shapes with fractions, and adding fractions onto a number line.  It would be a great resource along with an actual ruler to reinforce learning bout fractions at home.

What other measurement activities can you think of that can help reinforce fraction fun at home?  Check back later for the final post in this series about fractions, practicing fractions using technology.

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