Telling Time Tips and Tricks

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Telling Time Tips and Tricks

Although it is such an important concept for life, telling time is something that seems to be difficult for many students.  You as a parent can help your child learn how to tell time as you go about your day.

Count by 5’s

Parents often focus on teaching their children to count to 10, then to 20, then maybe even to 100.  Once that has been mastered however, you could start teaching your child to count by 5’s.  Remember telling time involves counting by 5 around the clock to see how many minutes have gone by.  A child that can’t count by 5 will not be able to tell time either.

Buy Analog Clocks

Our houses are filled with digital clocks now.  They are on stoves and microwaves, televisions and computers, phones and tablets.  Your child would be greatly helped if you bought at least one analog clock (not digital) for somewhere in the house.  You could even hang it in your child’s bedroom. You could even post some clock pictures of times that are important to your child. (when to wake up, supper time, bed time, etc.)

Start Simple

Don’t expect your young child to tell time down to the exact minute right away.  Start by just having them tell time to the hour exactly. (5:00, 11:00, etc.)  Once they have mastered hours, have them practice telling time in 5 minute increments.  The last step is telling time to the minute by counting by 5’s and then 1’s.

Practice, Practice, Practice

The key to all learning is plenty of practice.  Time won’t be mastered in one or two times going over it.  Make it a habit to ask your child what time it is instead of just looking at your phone.  If they ask you how many minutes until supper, don’t just tell them.  Instead tell them when supper is and help them figure out how many more minutes.  The more you work with your child, the easier it will get for them!

How do you help your child learn to tell time?

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