Terminology and Classification of Angles

Terminology and Classification of Angles

An early geometry skill that children learn about is determining the degree of and types of angles.   Learning about angles is very important for construction and sports and a variety of ’angles’ are used in your everyday life.  This lends it to a skill that you can review and practice at home.

Types of Angles

The first thing that you should do is work with your child to learn the three types of angles:  acute, right, and obtuse.  The parts of an angle, or attributes, also have names that are important to learn so that you child can verbalize their knowledge of angles.  It is also important to be able to call an angle by  legs and vertex labels.  A good resource for you to brush up on your angle terminology and even to share with your child is math open ref.  This resource also provides a great foundation for many math skills.

Measuring Angles

If you want to have your child practice making and measuring angles, you can have them learn how to use and practice using a protractor.  Math is fun has a great online tutorial on how to use a protractor for kids.

Learning About Angles

Learning about angles is also very important for computer programming.  A new online resource for children to gain exposure to computer programming is provided by Computer Science Education Week, called The Hour of Code.  In these activities, children can practice many math skills including angles, directions, and algorithms.  For specific games online for practicing angles you can go to kids math games online.

What activities can you do with your child to reinforce the concept of angles?

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