Times Tables Trick

One of the most challenging skills for elementary children to master in math is the memorization and application of the times tables.  This is a skill that is very important to learn as it is utilized in our everyday lives.

One trick to help your child to learn their multiplication times tables is by having them use their hands.  For learning the 6 (from 6×6), 7, 8, 9, and 10 (up to 10×10) your children can use their hands to help them solve the problems.  This YouTube video by Simon Deacon provides a great explanation and examples of how to teach your child to practice this skill.  Each finger is assigned a number:  thumbs are 6, index fingers are 7, middle fingers are 8, ring fingers are 9, and pinkies are 10.  You choose which two numbers you are multiplying and then connect those fingers.  Anything below those fingers will correspond with a tens value and the fingers left above will then be multiplied and added to the number that was below.

After teaching your child these time tables skills you should definitely practice so that they get use to implementing it at home.  You can do this by providing them problems out loud like they did in the video or by giving them multiplication worksheets for practice.  Help them along the way and provide support by moving their fingers and helping them count.  Once they practice this skill enough, they will become masters at the higher multiplication times tables without the use of their fingers.

Math is Fun.com also has addition resources for tips and tricks to learning and memorizing multiplication facts.

What tricks do you do with your children to help them remember their times tables?

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