Top Online Games and Apps to Practice Measurement and Data

Using technology to reinforce math skills builds intrinsic motivation for children.  There are many online and app activities to practice collecting and graphing data that can be used to help your children practice their math skills at home.

Top Online Games and Apps to Practice Measurement and Data

Graph Power is a popular children’s graphing app.  This inexpensive app can create bar graphs, line graphs, pie graphs, and histograms.  It allows children to add their own data, choose the type of graph, and add titles, labels, and scales.  This is an easy program for children to master and is much easier than them using Excel to graph data.  They can also see examples of graphs, change colors, and create a data table based upon the data.

Top Marks, an UK education site, has many online games to practice collecting and analyzing data for a range of ages.  Some of the different games include graphing virtual snail races and creating a pictogram of carnival prizes.  These games would be great for reinforcement of skills after learning and practice at home and school.

What are your top online games and apps?  We hope you enjoyed this series on measurement and data – collection of data, graphing, and analysis.

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