Transplanting Your Seedlings

Once your seedlings are ready to be transplanted, there are more math skills that you can incorporate.  When you begin to build the bed for your garden, you can have your child help you with marking the perimeter of where you would like to setup your garden.  You can have them measure and even draw the lines for your garden.  You are then ready to prepare the soil.  Based on the perimeter, you can have your child calculate the area of the garden and the cubic feet of soil needed to fill the bed (especially if you are building raised beds).  In addition, if you are building a raised bed, you can have your child help calculate the measurements needed to build the bed, whether you build it out of wood or stones.

Transplanting Your Seedlings

When you transplant your seedlings you will also need to fertilize them.  You can have your child figure out the calculation of how much water to fertilizer that will need to be combined to keep a healthy plant.

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Article by Laura VanHellemont

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