Turning Fractions from Frightening to Fun – Common Core Approach (Post 1 of 4)

When your child learns fractions in school, it will look very different than when you learned it in school.  Fractions can be frightening! This post will help you begin turning fractions from frightening to fun.  With the adoption of Common Core Curriculum across the country, there are a few aspects of learning fractions that you should be aware of that are an educational shift in learning.  Instead of just doing traditional activities of cutting the pie into segments, you will also see your child learning more about fractions as part of a number line.  The concept of a fraction of just part of a whole has been added upon with the more accurate representation of the idea that a fraction is a number.  This article from Education Week and related links will help provide a better understanding of the changes going on with teaching and understanding fractions.  This video will also help to understand the changes in teaching about fractions with Common Core.

Understanding this shift in learning is important to turning a fraction phobia into fraction fun.   One of the reasons children may be fearful or have anxiety about learning about fractions is that it will be one of the first abstract concepts that they learn about in school.  Addition of fractions no longer just means that you combine the numbers as in addition, but they will first have to find a least common denominator.   There is also new vocabulary that they will have to learn in order to understand the concepts.  A good starting point to build a solid foundation with fractions is to learn and practice with the vocabulary.  Ms. Mattis’s blog about fun with fractions has a great resource for parents and children to learn fraction vocabulary with specific examples and even has an online game show to practice what they have learned.

What other tips do you have to ease a child’s fraction fears at home?  Check back later for more about fractions, with hands on activities to use at home.

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