Valentine’s Day Math Activities

All of the stores are offering Valentine’s Day deals this week, and you can easily, with minimal cost, turn this special celebration into fun math activities for your child.

Valentine’s Day Math Activities

One activity would be to buy small candies like candy hearts, red hots, or Hershey’s Kisses and use them as manipulatives in a variety of activities.  They could be used for counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division activities.  Have your child use the candies to count up by 1’s, 2’s or other multiples.  Have them do subtraction activities by eating a limited number of candies.  In addition you could also give them word problems where they could calculate the candies.  The novelty of using something new always makes learning fun and new again.

You can also find many different activity worksheets online that would combine math skills with the candies as well.  Here is a candy heart counting worksheet where the child separates and counts the hearts by color.  For older children you can use the hearts to create a larger heart for a perimeter and area activity.  With a bag of Hershey kisses,  you could play an estimation game, where they have to estimate how many kisses are in the bag and then have them count onto a 1’s and 1’s worksheet.  If you buy a variety pack, they could even estimate how many of each of the flavors are included.

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