Ways Parents Can Help with Math

Ways Parents Can Help with Math

I came across this great list of the top ten ways that parents can help with math at home while browsing on Pinterest.  It provides you with ways that you can incorporate learning and practicing math skills at home with your child with activities that you are already doing at home or are easy to incorporate in everyday activities.

Suggestions include looking for shapes and patterns, measuring ingredients, count change while shopping, and tracking scores of their favorite teams.  Also engaging your child with discussions on math about what they are learning in school and having them explain it to you is very important.  This way you can gauge their understanding and provide help at home.  If your child does need help with homework it is important to not only help them get the answer, but to have them explain the steps on how they go there.  This will help them to be able to repeat the steps on additional problems.

Mixing in Math, a website devoted to activities that incorporate math at home, also has a list of 10 activities that you can do at home to encourage your child to practice “math in the real world.”  These engaging activities include using typical household items or activities, directions, and even the appropriate age group for the activity.

Having your child engaged in math at home will show them how math is part of our everyday lives.  It will provide them with positive exposure to math, which has shown to help improve self-esteem and feelings toward math and better math results in school and on standardized tests.

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