What Comes Next? – Creating & Extending Patterns

What Comes Next Creating Extending Patterns

After your child has mastered sorting and recognizing patterns, you can then move on to pattern activities.  Start by creating patterns out of household items and having your child try to figure out the pattern and tell you the pattern.  Next, have your child create a pattern of their own.  After they create their pattern, you or a sibling can guess their pattern.  Finally, have your child try to copy a pattern that you created.  They should take the same items and mimic the pattern you created.

To increase the difficulty of the patterns, use a wider variety of objects with different characteristics, as well as creating longer patterns.

Here are some great examples of household items that can be used for creating patterns and used with pattern activities at home.

Once your child has mastered sorting, recognizing, creating, and copying patterns, they can then begin to learn to extend the patterns.  This means that they have to recognize the pattern you have created for them, copy it, and then continue the sequence.  Here are samples of patterns your child can create with items found at home.

I thought making a necklace out of cereal would be a cute idea.  You can start the pattern, and then they have to finish the pattern to fill the string of the necklace.  Then, they could even eat certain pieces of the cereal to then create new patterns.

Stay tuned for the next post in the series of Practicing with Patterns – Number Patterns.

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