Winter Break Math Websites

With winter break upon us, children will have several weeks off to spend with family, relax, and play.  However, you want to make sure that your children don’t slip in their learning gains from the beginning of the school year until now, especially in math.  One way to have them practice their math skills that can be fun over winter break is to have them practice using creative, interactive game-based math practice websites.   Here are some of the most popular math-based practice websites that cover a wide variety of topics and grade level material.

Winter Break Math Websites

Fun Brain Math Arcade

The Fun Brain Math Arcade is one of the top math game websites.  It is highly customizable where children can choose their grade level (grades 1-8) and identify if they are a boy or a girl.  This  adjusts the difficulty level of this virtual board game.  Children also get to pick their “board game” piece.  Each level involves math concepts that are grade-level appropriate incorporating skills while incorporating game play.  As the child advances through the game, the skills become more difficult.  Each game has illustrated instructions so the child can learn how to play the game before putting their math skills to the test.  After each level, children are given a code so that they can come back at a later time and start on the last level where the left off.  It is a highly engaging, easy to use math practice website for your children.

Math Curriculum and Math Games by Smart Tutor

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